Why Choose A Professional, Experienced Tree Surgeon

Tree Surgery - Tunbridge Wells - Tonbridge - Sevenoaks - Maidstone.

Trees enrich our lives and communities , providing us with many social, environmental and economic benefits.  Well managed trees can provide calm and reduce stress, moderate temperatures, improve air quality and regulate storm water and high winds.  Trees can enhance the amenity value of the urban landscape by obscuring unsightly views with their natural beauty, whilst providing habitat for wildlife.  As part of a well maintained garden, trees can add value to your property.

Poorly maintained, trees can impair views and become light blockers that prevent the rest of the garden from flourishing or can weaken to become a hazard to property and people.

How best to manage trees can depend on their age, species, local surroundings and what you, the owner, want from them.  Good, experienced arborists / tree surgeons will have undergone specialist training and are usually members of a professional body such as the Arboricultural Association.  They can identify the cause of issues - mechanical, pests, fungus - and advise on the most appropriate course of action.  Identifying a safe approach is critical, both in terms of the health of the tree and the health and safety of those who will be carrying out the work or be in its general proximity.  Reputable tree surgeons carry high levels of public and employer's liability insurance (usually £5m as a minimum) because tree surgery is a high risk profession involving specialist equipment - often involving working at height with chainsaws - in challenging circumstances.

If you get a quote that seems too good to be true, that's because it probably is. Ask for a written quote setting out how they will go about the work, particularly how risk will be managed, and ask to see copies of their insurance policies and qualifications.  For example, it is against Health and Safety regulations for a tree surgeon to use a chainsaw without the appropriate training and competency certificates.  Expect the tree surgeon to have a minimum of NPTC CS 30, 31, 38 & 39.  If the company or individual won't provide these, then say thanks but no thanks. Why? Because if it goes wrong, you'll have no protection.  At best you'll have a ruined tree or garden.  At worst, you or your neighbour's property may be damaged and your scope to recover damages from an unqualified labourer will be difficult.  Moreover you could become liable and your own insurers are unlikely to pay out.

Looking after your trees is a long-term investment, so for your own peace of mind, it makes sense to use a qualified and experienced tree surgeon.