Domestic/Residential Services

Tree Survive offer a professional Arboricultural service covering all aspects of tree management, thus fulfilling the requirements of private residents, community organisations and property management companies.

We are used to working in confined and challenging locations with trees growing very close to houses and adjoining properties, difficult to access rear gardens and overhanging trees into other properties and public areas. Tree Survive provide the following services:

Formative Pruning

This covers the pruning of young trees to encourage sound structure and includes the removal of crossing branches and deadwood.

Crown Reduction

This service features reducing the tree’s height and spread whilst maintaining the tree’s natural shape where possible.

Crown Lifting

This features the removal of specific branches low in the tree’s crown that may be or come to cause an obstruction.


We can thin the branches to allow light and wind to travel through the tree’s crown whilst keeping the tree’s shape thinning any dead, damaged and diseased branches.

Hedge Trimming

This service features the reduction of height and width of hedges and includes the shaping of hedges where required.


This service ensures the tree is maintained at a specific height.

Felling and stump removal

This service covers the total removal of the tree including the stump.


This covers the complete removal of deadwood within the tree’s crown which could be dangerous if it falls from the tree.