14th February 2019

Silver Birch Tree in a Tight Spot, Tunbridge Wells

Our tree surgeons recently carried out a sectional fell on a silver birch tree in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.  The silver birch tree was in a small back garden, making a sectional fell the most practical option to avoid damaging the nearby homes and gardens.  The decision to fell the silver birch was made because it had become a danger to the garden and neighbouring property.

Silver birch tree Tunbridge Wells

At 12m high, it had unfortunately been poorly pruned in the past and been subject to topping, which is the practice of removing whole tops of trees or large branches and/or trunks from the top of trees. Qualified, experienced arborists would never recommend topping as a solution to your tree problem as the end result is often the uncontrolled growth of large but weakly attached branches at the top of the tree where the topping has taken place.  At best this results in an aesthetically unpleasing look, but far more seriously these heavy branches are in danger of coming down in high winds and pose a danger to people and property. Unfortunately, the latter was the case with this tree which had large, weak 5m long branches at the top that were at risk of falling onto the garden and neighbouring property.  The longer they were left untackled, the more difficult it would have become to deal with the tree.

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