24th January 2019

Restoring a Beech Hedge in Robertsbridge

Our tree surgeons have been reducing and renovating a lapsed beech hedge in Robertsbridge, Kent. The beeches were 9m in height and beginning to resemble a row of trees rather than the hedgerow effect that the client was seeking.  This was not your typical domestic hedge reduction as the beech trees were so tall that they had to be climbed to reduce the heights. Our risk assessment identified that their height and location made using ladders too dangerous.  Once our teams had reduced the heights of the beech trees down to 5.5m, they shaped the hedge with hedge cutters and long-reach hedge cutters.  

Beech hedges are a very popular choice for homeowners. Although they are deciduous, if they are maintained well, they keep most of their leaves during Winter, ensuring great privacy. They also provide great natural habitats for a range of wildlife such as nesting birds, insects and small mammals. In our case, a sparrowhawk kept an eye on the team whilst they were working!    

The work carried out will rejuvenate the hedgerow and ensure that it retains its shape for years to come. If you are concerned that your hedge is beginning to lapse, an experienced tree surgeon can bring it back to life. Visit our web page to find out why it pays to use a professional, experienced tree surgeon!

Robertsbridge completed hedge

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