6th February 2019

New Home for a Tawny Owl in Sevenoaks

Our tree surgeons have been giving Tawny Owls a helping hand in Sevenoaks, Kent. We installed a Tawny Owl nest box in a tall, mature pine tree in the back garden of a home in Sevenoaks. We placed the box facing South-East away from the prevailing wind and with a clear flight path in – giving it the best chance of attracting a Tawny Owl.  We retrofitted battens onto the box and used UV resistant rubber strapping, with allowance for the tree to grow and expand year-on-year, enabling a non-invasive attachment to the pine tree.  

Installing a bird nest box may seem like a simple task and it is relatively straightforward if you are placing a garden bird nest box in a small, garden tree.  However, for nest boxes in larger, mature trees, it is important to consider the health and safety and insurance implications of carrying out the task yourself. It can be wiser to use a professional tree surgeon. This pine tree was more than 15m tall and required ladders and ropes to access a suitable point for placing the box. 


Tawny owls are one of the most common owl species to be found in gardens and woodlands in Kent. They are highly adaptable birds of prey and can feed on a range of prey including small mammals, amphibians, insects and small birds. Their characteristic “too-whit too-woo” can be heard late at night in many a garden.

We will be checking back with the owner to see who pays the tree a visit!

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