Tree Survive have recently been involved with site clearance of trees on construction sites. The recently built Wickes site at Tunbridge Wells had its trees cleared by Tree Survive, who also carried out the site clearance and tree felling at the Lakewood Phase 4 construction works on Greggs Wood Road, Tunbridge Wells.

The site clearance work had to be approved by the council and was subject to Ecology Surveys, Arboricultural Impact Assesment and Arboricultural Survey Reports. 

17th January 2015

Maintenance Pruning

Branches that have been affected by high winds should be cut in sections to prevent them splitting and tearing back to the branch Union. A clean and final cut should be made at this point just forward of the branch bark collar. if it's too close to the collar this may result in a flush cut and disease may be able to penetrate the natural defences the tree has and cause the tree problems.

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