Tree Survive Limited have recently been involved in installing Bird and Bat boxes in Newington Green, London for a London charity The Garden Classroom (TGC) who are a charity and non-profit organisation that provide urban children and adults with transformative outdoor experiences devised to encourage active lifestyles, promote self-discovery, inspire growth and stimulate respect for nature.

We first met The Garden Classroom a couple of years ago when we were asked if we could survey a woodland they use in Kent for their countyside experiences. We have since kept up our commitment to assess the trees in the woodland prior to each time they visit and have also carried out some remedial tree work where necessary.


12th January 2015

Lime Tree - safely felled

This Lime tree was in a tight location, a small garden typical to Tunbridge Wells. It was also in a conservation area and permission was granted for it to be felled. The tree had significant Heartwood decay which was evident when it was finally felled. Tucked into a tight corner of the garden with two fenced boundaries, a house with ornate victorian glass lean-to behind, a car park behind the other fence and the owners house only 20 feet in the direction of fell. We had to climb the tree to strip off all of the epicormic growth, the top of the tree, where it had been pollarded over many years had fused together making it impossible to fell the tree in sections. Rudi assessed the tree to see if felling was an option and in what direction. The decision was made to fell towards the house, this was made difficult for the access for the chainsaw to put the back cut in was very tight. Nevertheless the tree was felled successfully with two feet to spare.

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