11th July 2019

Inspiring Wood Creations in Your Garden

Thinking of having work done on your trees and wondering what to do with the logs, branches or stumps?Often called the waste arising on your quote, these logs and brash wood (smaller branches) can be reestablished in your garden in many different ways.

log arch tree surgeon birch


If you’re looking for a more sustainable approach to your tree work, there is so much inspiration out there! The Hampton Court and Chelsea Flower Shows had plenty of ideas this year, many of which can be translated into your own garden. There were feature walls and archways, casual seating areas, attractive storage systems that doubled as displays, inventive bug hotels and plant supports. A really simple and attractive feature is to leave the standing stem in the ground to create a valuable habitat for wildlife.

Standing stem habitat tree surgeon

Over the past few years there has been a move to less formal planting schemes, allowing an element of the wild in to promote sustainability and encourage wildlife to return to our gardens. Many of the show gardens featured trees and made a special point of highlighting their contribution to the environment and our mental wellbeing and health. Silver birches and willows were very evident in the gardens, but they also had some more exotic species that can cope in hotter, drier climates, thinking ahead to our future climate.

willow tree surgeon

If you're interested in getting more from your tree work and feeling inspired by what can be achieved in your garden, please get in touch with Tree Survive Ltd and Rudi will be very happy to discuss the many possibilities open to you.

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