23rd January 2019

Emergency Tree Work In Sevenoaks

Our tree surgeons have been busy carrying out a sectional felling of an oak tree in Sevenoaks, Kent.  This was a tricky, three-stemmed tree that was a risk to people and property due to a decaying base (shown in the photo). As the tree was located within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, before work could take place, our team had to submit a 5-day emergency tree-work notification to Sevenoaks Council. 

The tree formed part of the outer edge of the property’s yard and was a classic example of the skill required by tree surgeons to remove a weakened tree within a tight target area to avoid damage to underground services and property. Our experienced tree surgeons were able to remove the Sevenoaks tree without any damage to the surrounding yard and left it as tidy as they found it. Part of the site is woodland so the brash wood was collected and habitats constructed. The well rotting/decaying logs were also used for habitat log piles and the other sound wood logs were used by the client for their wood burner. 

While we will always work with clients to try to save a damaged tree, sometimes removal is the only safe course of action if the tree is at risk of imminent failure and a danger to life or property. Visit our web page to find out why it pays to use a professional, experienced tree surgeon!

Sevenoaks sectional felling

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