6th June 2019

Celebrating Trees at Chelsea 2019

The Chelsea Flower Show was not all about the blooms this year. There was a wide array of tree species on display, showing just how important they are to creating beautiful green spaces. Many featured in gardens that had sustainability and climate change resilience as core messages.


Gold medal winning The Resilience Garden (main photo, designed by Sarah Eberle) explored how forests and landscapes can be made resilient to the threats posed by a changing climate, pests and diseases. It had a mix of exotic and native plants especially chosen to thrive in habitats that mimic existing and possible effects of climate change. The Savills & David Harber Garden (another gold) was designed by Andrew Duff to be a celebration of the environmental benefit and beauty of trees, plants and grass in an urban setting. It included biodiverse large trees, a green wall and permeable surfaces.


Trees proved their value in the smaller Artisan and Space To Grow gardens too. The Family Monsters garden featured birch and hazel coppice to create a calming family space. The post-industrial Manchester Garden (photo below) promoted sustainability and climate change resilient plants and trees. The Art of Viking Garden (below) was designed as a water meadow and included multi-stem river beeches and pollarded Salix. It had a feature wall of logs to provide a striking backdrop to its seating area.


Tree Survive visited the show on a very busy Thursday but despite the crowds, once in front of any of the show gardens, big or small, the joy and calming effect caused by the trees and plants were a reminder of the powerful impact that green spaces can have on our wellbeing.


If you are planning a new planting scheme featuring trees, Tree Survive Ltd can advise on the best ones to choose for your garden size, local climate and soil conditions.


More information about all the gardens at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show can be found on the RHS web site.


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