4th February 2019

An Enchanted Woodland in Dartford

Our team have been working in woodland that is truly enchanted! Cared for by a team of volunteers from the Temple Hill Trust and the Temple Hill Primary Academy, the Enchanted Woodland in Dartford, Kent, provides a base for educational visits by local primary school children and is a haven for the local community and wildlife alike.

Following an earlier site inspection, our team spent time making trees close to the pathways safe by carrying out dead-wooding.  Dead wooding takes place when the branches or limbs of a tree die and become vulnerable to breaking or can become susceptible to diseases and pests. This can lead to unpredictable branch falls especially during high winds and storms. If dead limbs are left, they can also affect the overall health of the tree as rot can set in and spread to healthy areas. This can eventually lead to further damage and potentially the loss of the whole tree.

Dead-wooding in Dartford, Kent

If you own woodland that is visited by the public, it is important that regular assessments are carried out by qualified tree surgeons to avoid risk of injury to visitors and to maintain tree health.

Tree Survive’s work with Temple Hill Primary at the Enchanted Woodland is part of the company’s commitment to outdoor learning and the environment.  We believe in the importance of engaging with the natural world, particularly for children. There are long term social, emotional and educational benefits from participating in outdoor learning and we aim to foster an interest, respect and curiosity for the environment through our educational work.

The Temple Hill Trust is a community group managed by a group of dedicated volunteers and trustees from Temple Hill Primary Academy and the local community.  The woodlands are used extensively by Temple Hill Primary Academy pupils for outdoor learning all year round alongside community events for everyone in Temple Hill to attend. More information on the woodland is available here.

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